So happy there’s a #projectpie near where I work/live. #food #pizza
Art in the Philippines has been rising, and I’m beginning to find it everywhere. Including the pedestrian underpasses.
This is really, really good news. :)
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So I recently went to Vigan, one of the best preserved colonial-era cities in this part of the world. 
The streets in a certain designated area are still cobblestoned, and there are still a bunch of horse drawn carriages. It just, most of them looked like they weighed less than me. 
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The iScreamist is this tiny frozen treats shop (it’s not just ice cream they serve) along the streets of Maginhawa in Quezon City, Metro Manila. 
What is pictured above is called s’more dragon’s breath. Basically, what this is is a bunch of bite-sized s’mores on sticks that come with a styrofoam cup filled with liquid nitrogen. You dunk the s’mores into the liquid nitrogen for seven seconds and then you pop it into your mouth. Parts of the now frozen s’more sublimates (goes from solid to gas) and makes it look as if you’re breathing smoke. 
Hence, dragon’s breath.
There are other things available for dunking into the nitrogen, like macarons and cookies, and they also serve freshly made ice cream.